Cuoificio Bisonte


il cuoio - un materiale vivo
leather - a living material

Artisanal leather factory

For over sixty years Cuoificio Bisonte has been a benchmark for the processing of artisanal leather and hides.

In business since 1956, when it was founded by Giulio Novelli and Giovanni Quirici, the company now employs 35 members of staff at the Santa Croce factory, who are involved in various stages of the processing.

Santa Croce in the province of Pisa is considered the district home to the most important tanneries in Italy, and some of them, including the Cuoificio Bisonte, continue the traditional manufacture of leather intended for the production of footwear for luxury brands.

Since its origins, the leather working factory has been specialised in slow, strictly plant-based tanning of leather for shoes, a technique that has made it famous throughout the world. The company also set another record: over 40 years ago it was the first in Italy to perfect drum dyed coloured leather, a very delicate process that requires highly qualified know-how.

Although technological innovation has improved productivity over the years, leather craftsmanship remains unparalleled. The selection of raw leather from the best cow hides, the accuracy of the work and the slow tanning in tanks based on pure chestnut extract take place exactly as they did 50 years ago and make Cuoificio Bisonte a point of reference for leather working, which, unlike other skins, requires long tanning times that are indispensable for conferring quality, softness and water repellency.

artisanal leather work
artisanal leather factory

leather furnishings

Leather for furnishings

To achieve genuine and fine quality leather, the preferred material of Italian and foreign footwear manufacturers, an important role is played by both the selection of raw hides from the best cow hides and accurate processing, characterised by slow tanning in tanks in pure chestnut extract.

Since the 1990s, the leather factory has expanded its range to include the leather furniture industry, with a department specialised in providing solutions for the leather coverings for floors and walls for yachts, boutiques, showrooms and upscale hotels. Each project is carefully tailored to customer requirements.

Since 2000, the company has also directly produced individual leather tiles with extreme precision, thanks to the use of laser and CNC routers.

Cuoificio Bisonte invests in research into new solutions and new uses, in order to meet the growing needs of customers, and has even created a special fireproof treatment that will make Cuoificio Bisonte branded leather even more exclusive.

Technology, tradition, design and quality are the secret behind this company, which has served as a model of Made in Italy excellence for over 50 years.

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