Cuoificio Bisonte


il cuoio - un materiale vivo
leather - a living material

leather flooring

Leather flooring

Raw leather from the best cow hides and slow tanning in a tank based on pure chestnut extract enable Cuoificio Bisonte to produce quality leather intended for high end Italian and foreign footwear manufacturers.


The company expanded its range in the 1990s by adding an internal Leather Furniture division specialised in the production of leather items and elements for yachts, boutiques, wall covering and flooring for the most important brands in the world.


Cuoificio Bisonte thus reinvented this almost forgotten use of leather, interpreting it in an innovative way and raising the production level of the panels, which have now reached the highest levels of precision and reliability through the use of lasers and CNC routers.

This research has also made it possible to produce unique items in terms of quality, ease of use, durability and maintenance.

Class and elegance, softness and strength: these are the characteristics of a leather floor made by Cuoificio Bisonte. They are not just tiles, but forms that furnish and revolutionise the classic concept of the covering, making it more innovative, out of the ordinary, but with something that inevitably brings a timeless elegance.

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